239-543-1155 fppoainc@gmail.com

Social Club

 Social Club Officers

President – Denise Brewer deniseb104@att.net


1st Vice – Dottie Frender – tfrender@nycap.rr.com 518-765-2923

2nd Vice President – Ellen Heigham  eheigham@gmail.com  617-448-1748

Secretary – Debbie Rooney

debbierooneypna@aol.com 613-795-2248

Treasurer – Mary Kurucz kuruczmary@gmail.com 740-310-3002


All residents of Forest Park are members of the Social Club.  We depend on volunteers to run these events that all enjoy,
There are opportunities currently available..  Get together with some of your friends or neighbors and volunteer to be a  host


  Need Volunteers for Next Season – 2023 -24

Pine Tree Knots Quilters

Contact Renee Huck 920-296-5141


The Pine Tree Knots meet on Thursday Mornings from 9 to 11 AM in the Club House. No experience necessary.  We have member that have been sewing 60 years and members who are new to sewing. Stop by to see what we are doing.   We also make “comfort quilts” for our residents with serious illness. Please let a quilt club member know if you have a neighbor or friend that should receive one.
The Quilt Club will continue to meet on Thursdays during the summer.  Our quilt show will be held in the clubhouse on March 10th, 2024 1:00 – 3:00 pm.

The lap quilt above is one of 70 quilts given to the residents of our park who may be shut-ins or are ill or recovering from major surgery.  They are given with the wishes of good health and healing.

Contact  Pam Salk 260 385 6407

 You need to be 50 years old to join this club. The only requirement is that you wear a red hat and purple outfit when we go out to events. The only guideline is that we have fun!! We joined the National Red Hats Organization.

Dates of Upcoming Events:

April 5th- 2o22 Meet 11:30 clubhouse
2023  Events TBA
January 17
February 21
March 21
April 4

Bible Study

Meets Thursday Mornings at 10 AM  until 12. 

During the months of November to April we meet at the home of Reva Doliana,849 Hollyberry Court. From May to October, Waneta Schafer opens up her house to us at 344 Shrub Lane S. Just come to the door, and walk in– -we’ll be glad to welcome you! If you have any questions, please call Reva at 812-322-3986, Waneta 239-219-7593 or Laura at 239-210-8010.


Bocce ball is played on Monday and Thursday at the Bocce courts at 2:30 PM.  Arrive at 2:15  New Members Welcome.

Open Bocce Ball on Saturday Mornings at 10:00am.  For more info call Carlo or Lee – 239-851-9543

 There are no dues.


KARAOKE Contact – Chris Tybor
Karaoke is held year round, every month on the first and third Monday – 6:00 – 9:00 PM in the Clubhouse. Everyone is invited to bring their own music CD and sing along with it. All residents and guests are invited to come and listen to the singers

Shuffle Board

Contact Bill Madill 519-634-5619  (Summer Contact Rose Krugle — rjkrugle@gmail.com)

Shuffleboard Fun Night – Everyone is invited to play shuffleboard every Wednesday night at
6:30 PM.

  • Ladies’ Shuffleboard – Ladies get to play shuffleboard every Tuesday morning at 10 AM. Come enjoy, ladies.
  • Mixed Shuffleboard – Men and women play shuffleboard on  Thursday evening at 6:30 pm
  • League Play on Wednesday at 10 AM
  • Valentines’ Day Breakfast is hosted by this club

Mini Golf

A 9 hole miniature golf course is located behind the pavillion for your enjoyment. Clubs and balls can be borrowed from the closet behind the bocce ball court.

Craft Club


Contact JoEllen Gallant  978.835.6625  jdgallant63@gmail.com
The Craft Club meets on Wednesday mornings in the Clubhouse at 9 AM. Enjoy the fellowship while working on a variety of projects.  This is an active group year-round. The club hosts homestyle dinners monthly in season.  Profits from these dinners support park projects and many local charities.  Our Craft Fairs draw many talented vendors held twice per year and our Trash to Treasure Sale is a great way for you to support our fund raising efforts while cleaning out some closets.

We welcome you to come by and see what projects we are working on!  We really have a lot of fun!

Come meet some new friends, have a snack and create some fun art!

Dues are $10 for the year.

We will again be using our beautiful Clubhouse located at 5200 Forest Park Drive, N Ft Myers, FL 33917.

Tables and chairs are provided, but if you need to bring your own displays, we can accommodate that as well!  We are preparing to have a full house, with a nice assortment of talented crafters.  The Forest Park Cafe will be serving Breakfast and Lunch for purchase.  Our Dec 16th Holiday Craft Show is SOLD OUT!  Watch for details on the March Craft Fair.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at ForestParkCraftClubInfo@gmail.com.  Dawn Gail is ourCraft Club Vice President and will be managing the event.  Feel free to contact her by Phone or Text 1-239-849-0186.



 🟡 Holiday Dinner Event – 12/07 5pm

🟡 Craft Fair / Carport Sale – 12/16 8am


🟡 Craft Club Dinner Italian Night – 01/17 5pm

🟡 Valentine Dinner Dance – 02/10 5pm

🟠 The Big 3 Event – Craft / Trash to Treasure / Carport Sales

◼ Resident Sneak Peak – 03/01 5pm

◼ Open to Public – 03/02 8am

🟡 Craft Club Dinner – 03/20 5pm




(Co-sponsored by FP Craft Club, FP Northeast Club & FP Social Club)

The Give Back Campaign was born out of our deepest gratitude to the organizations that came to the aid of Forest Park after Hurricane Ian in 2022.  A series of small fund raisers were developed that would allow residents to make smaller sized donations throughout the year.  Bake Sales, Centerpiece Raffles, a performance by Tom Treece, and many private donations helped us raise over $6,000 that was in turn shared between Samaritan’s Purse and Still Meadow Church of the Nazarene.  The donations were Forest Parks way of saying

‘Thank you, Thank you,

Thank you’  

for their support when we needed them most.

  The recipient selected for the 2023 – 2024 Season is Forest Park.

Although we recovered a great deal of money through out insurance claims, there’s a few things left to be done and honestly, we deserve  a little spiffing up!  Charity begins at home!  We have been collecting suggestions for park projects that will be paid for with the donations raised.  The leaders from all of the Clubs mentioned above have decided to join forces and offer a few new events.  All the proceeds will go to our Give Back Campaign!

We can only succeed if you join us!

So mark your calendars!

Movie Night / Hot Dog Dinner  12/18  6pm

Sunday Brunch  01/07  10am

Movie Night / Hot Dog Dinner  01/29  6pm

Sunday Brunch  02/18  10am

Sunday Brunch  03/17  10am

Movie Night / Hot Dog Dinner  03/29  6pm

Forest Park Carnival  04/06

Bake sales will continue at each General Membership Meetings.

Centerpiece Raffle will continue at each Craft Club Dinner Event



Book Club

 Contact  Nancy Cooper 207 632 7544  flobme@gmail.com

The Book Club meets on the third Friday of each month at 1 PM in the Activities Building. Everyone reads the same book during the month. At the meeting, the book is discussed. 

Your assignment, should you choose to join, is to come up with a couple of good books that we might enjoy reading. If you have the book, please bring it when we meet in January.
If you don’t have it, please bring the title and author. This year is going to be an experiment. First, we may need to meet outside and social distance. Second, we will need to be creative since multiple copies of books are not available. We can do it!! Keep positive thoughts in your head and a good book in your hand……



For more information contact:
Bob Marron

On Tuesdays at 6:45 for 7:00 pm
Bingo in the Clubhouse.

Cards are .75 cents per card with a minimum purchase of 4 cards.  All three Bingo’s go all year round. Check your calendar in the newsletter each month.

There is a new addition to our BINGO games. You put a quarter into a “money ball pot.” The first number called is the “special number” so that if your bingo on that number, you will win the money that has been collected in the money ball pot plus the money that is allotted for the game that you won. If the money ball pot was not won, the amount is saved from week to week until someone is the winner.

  • You cannot call your winning Bingo card; the callers will get your card and verify a Good Bingo and bring your winnings to you.

  • If a number has started to be called and you yell BINGO, the caller will continue to finish calling the number.Everyone must be at least 18 years of age. There are 16 games of regular Bingo, then the “Night Owl” which consists of only 4 games played: regular Bingo, Letter T, Letter H and Full Card. The Full Card winner gets the Big Jackpot.

Cards and Games

There are a variety of card games played in the park. Sign-up sheets are on the window ledge at the back of the main Clubhouse.


Bridge Mixed (Contact Patricia Tegler 239.567.0148) is played on Friday night in the Clubhouse at 6:30.

 Euchre is played Wednesday night at 6:30PM in the Activity Building. Be there before 6:30. The cost to play is $.50 and all money is divided among the players who have the highest to lowest scores of the night.

Duplicate Bridge starts in November and plays through March. They meet on Monday at 12:30 PM in the Activity Building.

Golf Card Game Tuesday at 1:00 PM  Activity Building

Hand and Foot Game – Join us on Sunday nights at 6:00 pm in the Clubhouse for the “Hand and Foot” card game. It can be played at a table of 6, 4, or 3. All are welcomed! This card Game goes all through the summer months.

Mahjongg – (Gail Ford 603.440.5122) Wendsday 1:00 PM in the Activity Building

Poker is played on Friday night at 7 PM.


MENS KOFFEE KLATSCH  (Contact Gloria Hartz  219.707.9174)

Mens Koffee Klatsch is held the 2nd Friday of the month from November- April at 8 a.m. in the clubhouse.
Come out for conversation with other Forest Park Men.
Coffee and donut will be provided. Please bring your own coffee cup.

Ladies Koffee Klatsch  Contact Jane Cullin 330.242.2772

WOMENS KOFFEE KLATSCH  a social gathering for the ladies of Forest Park to come out and join other ladies in conversation. This is held on
3rd Friday of the month at 9 a.m. in the clubhouse. Coffee and a treat will be provided. Bring your own coffee cup.




ALL YEAR – Brian Hafer – 717-877-3043

WINTER MONTHS – John Wright -239-349-3827

Wayne Meyer – 414-469–65

Wi-Fi email – forestparkwifi@yahoo.com

The Forest Park Wi-Fi committee and volunteer group would like to provide a means for residents to communicate with their thoughts of either pros or cons on how our system is working.
We now have a Yahoo email account – forestparkwifi@yahoo.com dedicated to this, and it will be checked on a regular basis by the group. One of us will respond by email with help. If your system goes down completely, you of course will not be able to reach us by email, so you can contact one of us by phone and we can schedule a visit to see what the problem is. Please keep in mind that it is appreciated by all volunteers to keep park business to weekdays and allow us family time on the weekends.

Four of us sat with Ethx, the company that provides us with technical service and advice.  Changes were made to alleviate some of our resident’s problems with buffering and connections dropping in and out. Many of the problems with TV buffering can be helped by setting your resolution on the TV down to 1080 or 720.

We appreciate our residents understanding that our system will benefit from upgrading in order to service the 300+ residents who are using the WiFi every day. For anyone that could not attend the last member’s meeting on January 27, 2022, the explanation for the increased expenditure in 2022, can be picked up at the office.

If a new antenna or upgrade is required, the present cost for the antenna is predicted to be approximately $120 – $190 as supplies are not available at this time and the prices are unknown (the last that were available were $165 and now are coming in at $190), $25 for a router, and $20 for a new cable (we are now recommending for new installations or replacement a new Cat6 outdoor cable).

For antenna installation, if you cannot do it yourself, contact Gerry Bauer – 239-849-0317 and for a reasonable fee, he will do this for you.

Trouble Shooting

  1. Unplug your antenna and router, leave them unplugged for at least 1 minute, then plug back in. This re-boots your system. Note – starting the antenna before the router is best so that the router can “find” the antenna as it re-boots.
  2. If it fails to come back up please call one of our group and they will check your connection remotely, and if they see something wrong, then schedule a visit at your home.

Going Back North Instructions

DO NOT take down your antenna and bring it indoors

This season DO NOT unplug your cable from your antenna and turn off power to it, as when the upgrades are done, we may not be able to find you on the software, and you may not automatically connect when you come back in the fall.


Contact Jane Cullin 330 242-2772

Mondays 8:30-9:30 am
(Starts October 24)

Free exercise class for anyone in the clubhouse.

The class will include cardio, weights, core and stretching.

Equipment needed would be some hand held weights and a yoga mat

and a step for the cardio but that’s optional. You can set your own limits.

Contact   Carole Beconder

Tuesday and Saturday mornings from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. in the clubhouse During season

RECOMMENDED FOR “KIDS” OF ANY AGE. Please join us  for a fun, easy exercise program. For ½ hour we warm up our bodies with slow movements. Then we just walk for the other half of the hour.

EASY WATER EXERCISE    Monday thru Friday in the pool from 10:30 – 11:30 AM during the season.

When you do slow exercise movements in the pool, this means less stress on your joints plus we get those healthy rays of sunshine at the same time. Exercises are also subject to weather cooperating.

Tool Shed Club

To access the Tool Shed please remit your membership dues to:
Bob Carson
424 Timber Lane N
 607 857 0320
Bob will give you a key and  will give you the RV Gate Code at that time.


We have a lovely Billiards Room. All residents and their guests are welcome to use this facility.



Northeast Club

Contact  Chris Major  cmajor7079@gmail.com

The Northeast Club has lots of exciting events planned for this season. 
Our last meeting of the 2022 season is April 11th. 
We meet for the first time in December. 2022 for the end of year holiday get together and to pay dues.  Then the 4th Monday of January – March and April t0, 2023

 $5 dues per person to become a member
Everyone in Forest Park is welcome to become a member.  You do not have to be from the Northeast.

Each event may include a meal and always includes entertainment.  Tickets must be purchased in advance.
We look forward to seeing you at our meetings. 

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