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Forest Park is a community of 438 mobile homes” (more properly called “Manufactured” Homes, because they are constructed in a factory). Each homeowner also owns the lot the home is on, and pays taxes to Lee County. Taxes for those who do not qualify for the “Homestead” exemption, are between about $900 and $1300/year. Each owner also pays for utilities and cable TV on an individual basis.

Most homeowners have also purchased a membership share in Forest Park Property Owners Association (this is the corporation that owns the clubhouses, pool. shuffle, bocce, common grounds, roads, storm drains and ditches). Once purchased, the share is part of the property and is included in the purchase price when the house is sold. Sewers are now owned by Florida Governmental Utility authority (FGUA).

Each owner pays a monthly maintenance fee that covers use of the amenities, trash pick-up etc. Our main clubhouse was renovated in 2003 and features a large modern kitchen with commercial equipment.

The activity building was built in 2002. 

Wireless, high-speed internet was installed in 2009 and included in our maintenance monthly fee. Costs for antennas, cables etc and installation, if needed, are the responsibility of the resident

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