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Are pets permitted in Forest Park?

We have a large pet section where anyone can own a pet. We do have rules about pet ownership based on being a responsible pet owners and respecting property rights but many of our residents have pets. Number of pets and some breed restrictions do apply.  Your realtor should be able to identify if the property you are considering is in the pet area.  We do of course make provision for service animals and properly documented companion animals but we require all prescribed paperwork and and enforce the rules vigorously according to federal and state statutes.

Can I rent my Forest Park home?

 Yes, many of our owners rent their properties however, a renter must meet the over 55 requirement of our park. In addition an owner may own a maximum of 2 properties and use one for rentals as long as they reside in the other. Any tenant must be identified to the office and agree to abide by our rules. It is considered the property owners responsibility to make sure that a tenant is aware of the rules and willing to comply prior to making a rental agreement. You cannot rent a single room in your home as our covenant document specifies that we are single family residences.

What do maintenance fees include?

The maintenance fees cover the use and maintenance of our facilities which are a pool, shuffle board courts, boccie ball, pickle ball and mini golf as well as a clubhouse and admin building. We have several walking trails with a park and a small lake. There is garbage collection two times a week and recycling once. Fees also currently include unlimited high speed internet but this is NOT an amenity and is therefore not guaranteed.

What are the 2021 fees?

Single lot with Share   $81

Double lot with share $140

Single lot no share      $124

Double lot no share    $214

Do all owners belong to the HOA?

Not yet! we have 400 share holders out of 438 properties. Any one of the remaining property owners can buy a share if they want. The current cost is $4,000.00

Do you have a reserve fund?

Yes. While we are not governed by state statute 720 the leadership of this park had the forethought to embrace the reserve fund requirements. As a result we are financially sound and in fact will be replacing and enlarging our pool using the improvement fund and set aside reserve funds. We expect it to be underway by 2022 and no special assessment will be required.



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