V.O.I.C.E Vacation Home Check Forms



   The Lee County Sheriff’s Office has informed us that enrollment for VOICE vacation house checks must be completed online, and they no longer accept paper forms.  Below is the procedure for enrolling in the program. It's fairly simple and asks for most of the same information which was on the paper form.  The fields marked with a red are mandatory.   Below is a screen shot of the first page.


   The program is available for 6 months and you must reenroll after 6 months.  (The website says the maximum is 2 weeks but it is actually 6 months.)  Please note that you must have an email address to enroll (or be able to provide an email for a family member, friend, etc.) so that they can send you a confirmation. 


To enroll online:


1.  Go to 
1.  Go to  http://www.sheriffleefl.org/main/index.php?r=community/index 

2.  Click on Vacation House Check Requests (on the bottom left side).

3.  Select "Vacation Requests."

4.  Click on "Start Report."

5.  Complete each field and those marked with a red asterisk * are mandatory.  You cannot proceed to the next screen without completing those fields.  

6.  Once you have completed each field, select the "Continue" button.  There will be 3 or 4 screens depending upon the information you provide. 

7.  Once you have completed all screens, select the "Done" button.   


If you return prior to the date you originally provided, please notify VOICE by calling 239-477-1000 and let them know so that there are no surprise encounters. (If a VOICE volunteer sees a car, lights on unexpectedly, etc., they will check for intruders.)