Neighborhood Watch –  (Contact Lou Smith 239.731.1562)  The neighborhood watch meets the second Wednesday of every month at 1:00 PM in the Pavilion. A Block Watch Captain on each street maintains a file of all resident’s names, addresses and telephone numbers. They assist in the development of any program that would be beneficial to the safety of our community. They maintain a telephone tree that will notify every person in the park in case of an emergency.

Neighborhood Patrol - (Contact Mike Fanning 239.565.0431)   Forest Park has a volunteer group of residents who give of their time to patrol the park during the dark hours. They double-check locks throughout the park on buildings and gates. They drive at a very slow speed and look between the homes, at shed or car doors left open or anything out of the ordinary. All residents are provided with a pine tree sticker to put on the rear of their vehicle. If you do not have one they may follow you home to make sure you belong in the park. They have a flashing light on top of the vehicle and drive very slowly so you will know who they are. If they see anything suspicious, they call the sheriff and let them investigate. If YOU see anything suspicious you may call the Sheriff’s Office at 477-1000.