Director: Marjorie Elliott    Accompaniest:  Janet Brewer            

                                               Do you sing in the shower? 

                                    Do you hum to your favorite tune on the radio? 

                                              Do you whistle while you work? 

                                                        If so, we want you!



The Forest Park Choraleers are a group of fun people who enjoy doing all of the above!  We generally  meet every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. at the Clubhouse for practice when preparing for a performance.  This year's program will be presented at the 50th Anniversary Dinner on Feb. 17th.  Our program will feature songs requested by the five honoree couples plus a few of our own.

We are in need of a new director. Marge Elliott, who has directed our group for several years, has moved to Shellpoint. This will be her last program and she will be missed!.  The Choraleers were originally founded (and encouraged) by our dear friend Tom McLain who passed away last year. But Tom's influence is still with us. It was his greatest wish that our group continue to grow and perform.

Thus, we are advertising for a NEW DIRECTOR and CHORUS MEMBERS!  Also, an ADDITIONAL ACCOMPANIEST would be welcomed with open arms!  If you enjoy singing, please consider becoming a member of our group! 

                                                      If you are interested, please notify:  Janet Brewer @ 239-543-4646!