Computer Club

The Computer Club is a group of friendly people who meet every Thursday ~ 2 - 4 PM in the Activity Building, to help each other with computer issues. If you have a problem related to computers, or a skill you think might benefit others, YOU ARE WHO WE NEED IN OUR CLUB! Please come and join the group. Membership costs $10/household per winter season. We take a break and have coffee and cookies around 3 PM for a little socializing and getting to know each other. Most members use Windows, but some use Macs or Linux and most software programs are compatible with each system.

Each week, we usually have a person show something they are experienced in, or we focus on a particular problem or investigation of something new together.

There are now 50 members on our list. Not all come to the meetings, but have become a member to add their support for being helped with their WiFi connection and other related problems, that cannot be addressed at a group meeting.

Recently the club bought an additional storage cupboard from the Quilt group. This will allow us to take a few more donations of "pre-loved" (LOL) computers, from residents and store them there, rather than in our "Techie's" sheds or homes. They can then be worked on and upgraded if possible, when time permits. If they can be brought back to life, we can provide them to a resident for a modest donation to the computer group.


WiFi News

You can view and comment on the latest WiFi news HERE