Computer Club    (Contact John or Sherill Wright 239.349.3827)

The Computer Club is a group of friendly people who meet every Thursday @ 2 - 4 PM in the Activities Building, to help each other with computer issues. If you have a problem related to computers, or a skill you think might benefit others, please come and join the group. Membership costs $10/household per winter season. We take a break and have coffee and cookies around 3 PM for a little socializing and getting to know each other.

 We have 12 members that meet regularly. Several other residents have made donations to add their support for being helped with their WiFi connections and other related problems that cannot be addressed at a group meeting. Most members use Windows, but some use Macs or Linux and most software programs are compatible with each system.

Each week, we usually have a person show something they are experienced in, or we focus on a particular problem or investigation of something new.


Our computer club was started in 2004 by a small group of residents who had computer  skills and an interest in sharing these skills as we saw a need developing among our residents who were eager to learn about computers.

We are fully funded by our own efforts and initially raised funds for equipment such as a projector, screen, learning tools, with books, software etc. Our funds were raised by members volunteering their time to put on three dinners open to residents. These were a great success and got us started on our journey of teaching and learning.

One of our members who had experience with small web sites in his northern home community, suggested he could make a web site for us as a learning experience, thus was born. This is managed now by a computer club member, Jan Harmon, who is our Web Master and posts all the content for the different clubs and groups in Forest Park. We pay for the administration of our domain name with some donations from vendors.


We also collect used ink cartridges which are then donated to a  local elementary school, who take them to a re-cycler and get credit to buy school supplies.

We are now looking for new members who would be willing to share their knowledge on using cell phones, tablets and the possible future access to Internet TV.

In 2009, our group had the idea of getting our own Internet system, which was supported and voted on by the members. This has gone through several changes since inception with many hours of dedication and hard work.

The idea was to provide access to the Internet for all residents as part of their HOA  fee. Initially, it only had enough  bandwidth to accommodate email, light surfing and an occasional You Tube video. We have since upgraded the system with fiber optics to allow more demanding usage  We hope to make further upgrades at the end of 2018.


WiFi News

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